Sarah’s Story

I was in a terrible headspace when I reached out to Anna. I had just had a loss and felt so out of control waiting for an appointment with a new Fertility Specialist. It had taken me a year and a half to get pregnant, so to have that pregnancy end in a loss was absolutely devastating. 
sarah's success story - client testimonials - fertility nutrition with anna

All my blood work through my regular OB was considered “normal” and I had a clear HSG, the only reason they gave me was “unexplained infertility”. I came to Anna for help when I felt like I wasn’t getting the answers I needed or the specialized care I needed to get and stay pregnant. 

I would say the most helpful part of Anna’s program was how responsive & informative Anna was to all my questions. She educated me on things that I didn’t even think about. 

I also really liked that a big part of Anna’s program involved the mind & body connection. She would help me when I was feeling anxious about food, help me learn coping mechanisms, and gave great recommendations on ways to improve my life overall beyond food. 

Working with Anna has been the best thing I could have done for myself after my miscarriage.  I am pregnant with a healthy baby! 

Not only did I get pregnant with the program, but I feel like I have the tools going forward to have a healthy pregnancy and life.

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