Rachael’s Story

Before coming to Anna, I was a year or two off birth control and struggling with irregular/no periods, new adult onset acne and even hair loss. I mostly came to Anna for help getting answers as to why all of this was happening, especially after being told by my primary doctor that all labs "looked good". 
rachel's success story - fertility nutrition with anna

After experiencing a chemical pregnancy I got serious about finding the root cause of my symptoms so that I could manage them in a natural way. 

Anna offered unlimited support and communication whenever I had a question, encouragement through the process, feedback and commentary on my food entries to help guide my decisions – If I could keep Anna in my pocket for life I would ! LOL. 

I would tell any woman trying to get pregnant to absolutely take the opportunity to work with Anna. Her expertise in this area and customized plans are well worth the investment. 

I have raved to my friends about the in-depth testing we did together and how those answers helped tailor my lifestyle changes (something I could not have done without Anna!). 

After our time together, I have more regular periods and cleared skin which is amazing. Dealing with the symptoms I had and suspecting PCOS but always being told “labs are normal” created more stress in my life and a fear that I could not get pregnant. Working together gave me answers, my ‘root cause’, and validation. That validation absolutely impacted my mental health in a positive way. Anna’s teaching is something I can follow to manage my symptoms for life.

I don’t think I can really convey how much help you have given me; working with you truly changed my life! I will absolutely keep in touch and cannot wait to share future positive news. Rachael went on to get pregnant and enjoy a healthy pregnancy within 3 months of completing my program (pregnancy announcement) for photos

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