Megan’s Story

Greetings from 22 weeks pregnant! I wanted to thank you again for all the prep work we did to get me pregnant. Before working with you, I thought that I was doing everything - acupuncture, so much testing, cut out alcohol, etc. but I still wasn't getting pregnant. My dr wanted me to do IVF, but I was determined to get answers and find a solution to why I wasn't getting pregnant.
megan's success story - testimonials - fertility nutrition with anna

“Thank you for helping me find the answers I needed to finally get pregnant!

It was so fantastic to work with someone like you who really listens and uses a holistic approach, not just nutrition, but also blood test interpretation, and other lifestyle factors like exercise. 

I am using a lot of the tools and info you taught me during pregnancy too!

I can’t recommend working with you more. I’ll definitely be recommending your program to friends I know TTC. Take care and I’ll let you know when baby comes!”

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