30-Minute Bibimbap

quick and easy bibimbap recipe by Anna, fertility dietitian

Get ready to bring a taste of Korea into your kitchen with our 30-Minute Bibimbap! This traditional Korean dish is a favorite for so many reasons. It’s packed with fiber from veggies and brown rice, high-quality protein from grass-fed beef and pasture-raised eggs, and a probiotic punch from added kimchi. Best of all, it tastes amazing and only takes 30 minutes to make. Perfect for a nutritious and delicious dinner tonight!

Lemon Tahini Kale Salad

lemon tahini salad recipe by Anna, fertility nutritionist

Prepare to fall in love with this refreshing Lemon Tahini Kale Salad! Ready in just 10 minutes, this nutrient-packed salad is perfect for busy moms-to-be. With organic chicken, white beans, tangerines, and red bell pepper, it’s a delightful blend of flavors and textures. Toss it with our zesty lemon tahini dressing for a burst of goodness that will keep you and your baby well-nourished. Make extra dressing to enjoy all week long!

Sunflower Honey Beauty Bars

sunflower honey beauty bars recipe by Anna, fertility dietitian

‘Beauty comes from the inside out’—it’s true! What you eat impacts how you feel and look. Glowing skin, shiny hair, long lashes, all start with good food. Try our Sunflower-Honey Beauty Bars. Packed with wholesome ingredients, these granola bars will nourish your body from the inside out.

BBQ Pulled Pork Polenta Bowl

BBQ pulled pork polenta bowl recipe by Anna Fertility Nutritionist

Tender pork, sautéed veggies, and creamy polenta come together in a flavor-packed bowl that’s as satisfying as it is delicious. With a burst of fresh avocado, cilantro, and lime, every bite is a celebration of taste!

PB&J Overnight Oats

PB&J overnight oats recipe by Anna, fertility nutritionist

We are pretty much obsessed with overnight oats. For one, they are packed with protein and fiber, making them a great way to start your day. On top of that, they can be made ahead so your breakfast is ready no matter what the morning brings. We like to make them 5 at a time, one for every day of the week. Overnight oats also make great snacks to bring on-the-go. Today we are sharing one of our favorite overnight oat combos – PB&J! Use this recipe as a template to make any creation and variation you want. Always keep the yogurt, chia seeds, oats, and milk of choice, then the rest is up to you!

Tuna Meatballs

tuna meatball recipe by Anna, fertility dietitian

We love meals that can transform into great lunches throughout the week. These Tuna “Meatballs” do just that. Make them for dinner, then toss them into salads and grain bowls for an easy, protein-packed addition to your meals. Plus, they’re rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3s for a healthy boost! Just be sure to choose low mercury options like Safe Catch.

Cashew Berry Smoothie

cashew berry smoothie recipe by Anna, fertility nutrtionist

Fuel your body with our Cashew Berry Smoothie. This delicious blend of dates and collagen protein, both essential for supporting your body, it’s a perfect way to start your day. Enjoy this nourishing smoothie and feel good knowing you’re giving your body the best!

Curry Roasted Cauliflower Bowl

curry roasted cauliflower bowl recipe by Anna, fertility nutritionist

We love a good bowl for our weekday lunches, and this Curry Roasted Cauliflower Bowl is a standout! It requires a bit of upfront prep, but then it’s so easy to enjoy on-the-go. Just scoop some of all three components together, garnish as suggested, and you have a nourishing mid-day meal. A little prep goes a long way, mama 😉

Chili Verde & Goat Cheese Breakfast Burrito

easy and delicious breakfast burrito recipe by Anna, fertility nutritionist

Looking for a delicious and nutritious breakfast that’s perfect for busy mornings? Try these Chili Verde & Goat Cheese Breakfast Burritos! Packed with protein, good fats, whole grains, and veggies, they’re ideal for batch cooking and freezing, especially for expectant and new moms. Get the whole family eating a healthy breakfast effortlessly.

Collard Greens Hummus Veggie Wrap

collard green hummus and veggie recipe by Anna, fertility nutritionist

Looking for a healthy, on-the-go lunch option? Try these Collard Green Hummus Veggie Wraps! They’re an easy and delicious way to pack in plenty of veggies during your busy day. This recipe makes four wraps, so you can store them in the fridge and enjoy nutritious meals and snacks all week long. Perfect for a quick bite that’s both satisfying and good for you!

Maca Green Smoothie

maca green smoothie recipe by Anna, fertility nutritionist

Could there be a more perfect summer breakfast than a green smoothie? Quick, refreshing, and oh so yummy, this smoothie is made with maca, a Peruvian root known for its fertility benefits. For all you ladies trying to conceive or preparing for pregnancy, this is the summer breakfast you’ve been searching for. Bottoms up!

Simple Herb Salad

quick and easy herb salad - recipe by Anna, registered fertility dietitian

Don’t let leftover herbs go to waste—this recipe offers a solution to utilize every last sprig in a delicious and nutritious way. Bursting with nutrients and flavor, this salad is a delightful addition to any meal.

Arugula-Pesto Breakfast Burritos

cashew arugula-pesto breakfast burritos, recipe by Anna, fertility dietitian

Stock your freezer with these protein-packed breakfast burritos. Perfect for busy mornings and absolutely delicious. Satisfy your hunger with an easy, freezer-prepped, one-handed eating burrito. Filled with protein, fats, and antioxidants, they are the perfect nourishment to start your day.

Grilled Peach, Pork, Pistachio Salad

Peach, pork, pistachio summer salad recipe by Anna, Fertility Dietitian

This summer salad delight is an easy weeknight dinner featuring juicy tomatoes, ripe peaches, and the sizzle of outdoor grilling. If you are looking for a way to elevate your evening meals, try it with this refreshing salad!

Traditional Greek Salad

traditional refreshing greek salad, Mediterranean recipe by Anna Fertility Nutritionist

A quick, easy and delicious traditional Greek salad recipe. Crisp cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, tangy feta cheese, and briny olives come together in a harmonious medley of flavors that’ll have you craving more with every bite.

Broccoli Cheddar Egg Casserole

broccoli cheddar egg casserole recipe by Anna, fertility dietitian

Did you know 90% of women aren’t meeting their daily choline needs? This nutrient is critical for fetal brain development, so it’s super important to stock up before and during pregnancy. Eggs are one of the best sources of choline. To help you get what you need, we’ve created this batch-cook-friendly Broccoli Cheddar Egg Casserole. Make it at the beginning of the week and enjoy a square for breakfast or snack every day!

Lentil Pasta with Spicy Pepita Pesto

lentil pasta with spicy pepita pesto, gluten free recipe by Anna, fertility dietitian

There’s a lot to love about lentil pasta. Not only is it made with 100% real food ingredients (no weird additives like many gluten-free products), but it’s also naturally high in protein, fiber, and folate—essential nutrients for mamas and developing fetuses. Think of this dish as a superpower prenatal vitamin in the form of real food. Plus, it tastes so good that I’ve tricked my husband into thinking it’s “real” pasta on numerous occasions. This Lentil Pasta with Spicy Pepita Pesto is a favorite summer-time weeknight dinner: light, fresh, and ready in minutes.

Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes

lemon ricotta pancakes with coconut recipe with Anna, fertility nutritionist

I couldn’t resist sharing one of my all-time favorite pancake recipes with you! These Gluten-Free Lemon Ricotta Pancakes are a celebration of fluffy goodness, packed with protein and free of refined sugars. Plus, they’re gluten-free for those following a special diet.

Oatmeal Raisin Lactation Cookies

oatmeal raisin lactation cookie recipe by Anna, fertility nutritionist

While scientific evidence supporting galactagogues is weak, these cookies boast nourishing ingredients like flaxseeds, chia seeds, and cinnamon, traditionally believed to support lactation. Enjoy them as a lactation cookie, or simply a healthy treat.

Chicken and Kale Enchiladas

chicken and kale enchilada recipe by Anna, fertility dietitian

Looking for a satisfying weeknight meal that’s both easy to make and full of flavor? Try our Chicken and Kale Enchiladas recipe, a favorite in our household. With the convenience of a rotisserie chicken and the hearty addition of kale, these enchiladas are a delicious way to feed the family and enjoy leftovers for days to come.

Double Chocolate Mini Cupcakes with Maple-Cashew Frosting

mini chocolate cupcakes with homemade frosting, recipe by fertility nutritionist Anna

These mini chocolate cupcakes are an older recipe, but they’re so good, so quick, and so foolproof that I had to bring them back. They’re naturally sweetened, full of fiber, grain-free, and gluten-free. Plus, the vegan cashew frosting is simply divine! Perfect for a Valentine’s Day treat or whenever you need a little chocolate love.

Blueberry Almond Breakfast Cake

blueberry almond breakfast cake recipe by Anna, fertility dietitian

Shake up your overnight oats routine with this hot, ready-made breakfast option. Naturally gluten-free and nutrient-packed, it’s perfect for busy mornings. Make it on batch-cook day and enjoy a nourishing breakfast all week long.

Milk Boosting Banana Muffins

easy banana muffin recipe by Anna, fertility nutritionist

Calling all nursing mamas! Boost your milk supply with our Milk Boosting Banana Muffins recipe. As a mom myself, I understand the importance of maintaining milk flow while juggling the demands of motherhood. Packed with galactagogues like oats and a special blend from Majka, these muffins are a delicious way to support lactation and keep your supply up. I love having these on hand for easy snacks and quick breakfasts. They also freeze well, so go ahead and double the recipe!

Greek Zucchini Noodle Lasagna

Mediterranean Lasagna Recipe by Anna, registered dietitian

Whip up a nutritious and family-friendly Greek Zucchini Noodle Lasagna. Looking to stock up on freezer-friendly meals? This recipe offers a flavorful twist on classic lasagna, providing a wholesome option for the whole family to enjoy! And is great for freezing for later.

Chicken Curry Soup with Sweet Potato Noodles

chicken curry soup with spiral sweet potato noodles. Recipe by Anna, fertility dietitian

This delicious spiralized sweet potato noodle soup is a new favorite soup season recipe of mine that turned out too good not to share. Whether you buy spiralized noodles or make them yourself, this gluten-free, paleo, and Whole30-friendly recipe is packed with protein, veggies, and antioxidants. Pregnant and postpartum mamas, try it with bone broth for added benefits. Creamy, rich, and delicious—your whole family will love it!

Blueberry Lactation Cookies

Blueberry lactation cookies, recipe by Anna fertility dietitian

Dive into the world of “lactation cookies” and galactagogues, but before indulging, let’s talk facts. While oats and fenugreek seed are often touted as milk supply boosters, research supporting these claims is limited. The real key to milk production? Directly nursing or pumping. For serious concerns, consult with an IBCLC-certified lactation consultant.

Veggie Loaded Turkey Chipotle Chili

veggie loaded one pot turkey chili recipe by Anna, registered dietitian

This hearty, healthy, one pot chili recipe packs in the veggies and the flavor, so you can feel good about feeding your growing family nutritious and delicious eats, with only one pot to clean. Plus, it’s quick & easy to make!

Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

Double chocolate peanut butter guilt-free cookie recipe by Anna, fertility nutritionist

These treats are not only easy to make but also provide a decent dose of protein, ensuring they won’t disrupt your blood sugar balance. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined-sugar-free, they’re perfect for satisfying your chocolate cravings without the guilt. They’re healthy enough to indulge for breakfast!

Hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery signs

Hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery signs and hope that you can get your period back

If you’re Googling ‘hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA) recovery signs’, then most likely you’ve struggled with a missing period for too long, and you’re feeling hopeful that the signs you’re now seeing indicate recovery- and fertility! I hope you’re right!

Cinnamon Sweet Potato Beef Stew

cinnamon sweet potato stew recipe by Anna, fertility dietitian

This time of year, I can’t get enough of warming soups and stews, especially when they’re as easy to make as this Cinnamon Sweet Potato Beef Stew. Adapted from my grandmother’s recipe, this lighter, healthier version is made with bone broth, providing the collagen pregnant and postpartum mamas need. Using 100% grass-fed beef ensures you get anti-inflammatory, brain-boosting omega-3 fats. Don’t be intimidated by the long list of ingredients; this one-pot meal is incredibly easy and perfect for busy weekdays. Enjoy!

Butternut Squash Lasagna

fertility recipes - butternut squash lasagna

Craving comfort this holiday season? Our Butternut Squash Lasagna replaces noodles for squash (and it is yummy!). It is not only delicious, but fertility-friendly too. A must-try for cozy gatherings!

Wild Rice Stuffing with Dried Cherries & Hazelnuts

wild rice stuffing recipe by Anna, fertility nutritionist

I love Thanksgiving traditions, but I can’t stick to the “traditional” recipes. This Wild Rice Stuffing Recipe, introduced a few years ago, has become a staple on my Thanksgiving table. It offers an herbaceous twist on classic stuffing, brimming with whole grain goodness and vibrant flavors. If you’re looking for a healthier, delicious alternative to traditional stuffing, give this recipe a try. Enjoy a flavorful and nourishing holiday meal!

Turmeric-Spice Pumpkin Muffins

turmeric pumpkin muffins

These Turmeric-Spice Pumpkin Muffins are festive goodness! They are a yummy blend of antioxidants, healthy fats, and lean protein. Perfect for snacking in your fertility journey. Not only are they easy to make, but also a great treat for Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations.

How to get your period back

fertility blog - Hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery signs

5 simple steps to recover your menstrual cycle so you can get pregnant. If you’re struggling to get pregnant due to a missing period, you know that getting your period back and restoring regular cycles is vital to your ability to conceive. This blog will cover what causes your period to stop (a.k.a. amenorrhea), and provides practical steps to recover your menstrual cycle naturally, so you can improve your fertility and get pregnant.

NutraMilk Cashew Peppermint Mocha Creamer

‘Tis the season for joy and fertility-friendly indulgence! This NutraMilk magic with the Cashew Milk Peppermint Mocha Creamer—a delightful blend for cozy holiday moments, helps spread the warmth by gifting this homemade goodness, bringing a sprinkle of love to your festive season. Happy holidays and happy sipping!

Turmeric Oatmeal

turmeric oatmeal recipe by Anna, fertility nutritionist

Eating a balanced breakfast is crucial year-round, but especially during the holiday season. This turmeric oatmeal recipe sets the tone for your day with protein, fiber, and healthy fats. The vibrant yellow oatmeal, topped with red pomegranate seeds, green pumpkin seeds, tangerines, and coconut flakes, is both festive and nourishing. Make a big batch for your guests and stay healthy through the New Year!

White Bean Chicken Chili

Looking for a hearty and comforting meal? White bean chicken chili is your answer! Packed with protein from tender chicken and nutrient-rich white beans, this chili is the perfect blend of flavors, offering a satisfying dish for any occasion. Its warm, soothing nature makes it an ideal choice for cold evenings or family gatherings. And the best part? It’s versatile and easy to make, leaving everyone’s taste buds satisfied. Dive into a bowl of this delicious, flavorful chili for a truly comforting experience.

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Bread

healthy whole wheat pumpkin bread recipe by Anna, fertility nutritionist

There is nothing I love more in the Fall than pumpkin bread. This healthy whole wheat pumpkin bread gets a lot of its sweetness from banana and uses whole wheat flour for a deliciously wholesome twist on your favorite fall treat. Happy baking!

Pumpkin-Lentil Chili

healthy pumpkin-lentil chili

Savor a hearty and nutritious pumpkin-lentil chili, perfect for a balanced fertility diet. Warm your soul with this flavorful fall dish.

Soft Pumpkin Cookies with Salted-Maple Glaze (Gluten & Guilt Free)

Delight in the season with these Soft Pumpkin Cookies. Savor the perfect blend of sweetness and warmth, finished with a delectable salted-maple glaze. These gluten-free, guilt-free treats are not only a fall favorite but also perfect for those on a fertility or pregnancy journey, providing a delicious yet nutritious option for satisfying fall cravings.

Cashew Herb Cheese Spread

cashew herb cheese spread

Elevate your holiday gatherings with a delightful cashew herb cheese spread – a crowd-pleasing vegan, gluten-free cashew herb cheese spread.

Sweet and Spicy Walnuts

sweet and spicy walnuts by Anna, fertility nutritionist

Looking for a go-to item for holiday parties this year? These Sweet and Spicy Walnuts are the answer! They taste indulgent but are packed with protein from egg whites, and the walnuts supply a good amount of fiber and healthy fats. This makes them the perfect appetizer to nibble on while you celebrate this holiday season. Enjoy a snack that’s both delicious and nutritious!

Italian Cauliflower & Chicken Casserole

casserole dish with cauliflower and chicken, recipe by Anna, fertility nutritionist

Craving a healthy, fuss-free meal that pleases the whole family? This Cauliflower and Italian Chicken Sausage Casserole is a life-saver for anyone who wants to eat healthfully, doesn’t have all day to spend in the kitchen and has picky little ones to feed. It’s amazingly quick, easy AND delicious. Like all of our recipes, no need to be super exact – make it work with your life & your pantry.

Strawberry Rhubarb Breakfast Bake

strawberry rhubarb breakfast bake, recipe by fertility nutritionist, Anna

Ready for strawberry season?! This breakfast bake is packed with protein, healthy fats, and fiber. It’s also great for stabilizing blood sugar and fueling your day. Ideal for batch cooking, so enjoy all week long!

Date Sweetened Pumpkin Pie

Crafted to perfection, this pumpkin pie recipe doesn’t compromise on taste, offering a healthy twist to a classic dessert. With its wholesome ingredients, such as whole grain oats, pecans, and naturally sweet dates, you’ll savor every guilt-free bite, making it an ideal treat any time of the day during the festive season.

Sparkling Grapefruit Paloma Mocktail

fertility nutrition with anna - sparkling grapefruit and paloma mocktail recipe

Are you expecting or trying to conceive? Say hello to our Sparkling Grapefruit Paloma Mocktail – a vibrant, alcohol-free creation for mama-to-be! With only 4 key ingredients, it’s a simple, refreshing indulgence perfect for baby showers or any preggo-friendly celebration.

Easy Pumpkin Cookies

pumpkin cookie recipe - easy dessert recipe by Anna, fertility dietitian

Bursting with pumpkin spice goodness, these cookies are perfect for any time of day—whether you enjoy them for breakfast, as a snack, or as a delightful dessert. With rich pumpkin flavor and a hint of warming spices, these cookies are a delicious treat that’s never too early to enjoy the flavor of the season.

Basil + Feta Frittata

basil and feta frittata recipe by Anna fertility nutritionist

Indulge in the delightful fusion of flavors with this Basil+Feta Frittata recipe. Packed with fertility-friendly ingredients and loaded with the goodness of eggs. Perfect for batch-cooking, this breakfast recipe is a wholesome way to kickstart your day with protein and veggies.

Easy Chicken Pitas

fertility recipes - easy chicken pita recipe

This easy chicken pita recipe is a lifesaver – quick to make and even better as leftovers. A comforting choice for busy days. Simple, delicious, and just what you need!

Apple-Granola Muffins (Gluten Free)

apple granola gluten free muffin recipe by Anna, registered dietitian

After the routine fall apple picking with the fam, I was inspired to make a healthy-enough-to-eat-for-breakfast, lunch and dinner muffin. This recipe was a first for me, but came out sooo good! Hope you love them!

Broccoli Basil Detox Soup

broccoli basil detox soup recipe by Anna, fertility dietitian

This quick-and-easy soup is packed with veggies, fiber and flavor and hits the spot any time of year. I hope this recipe makes its way into your must-haves!

Pumpkin Spice Energy Balls

Perfect for an energy kick, these no-bake Pumpkin Spice Energy Balls are not just convenient, but they’re a fiber-filled delight. With a blend of oats, nuts, and pumpkin, they’ll fuel you through the 3 p.m. slumps and satisfy your hunger while you’re on the go.

Sweet Garlic Tofu and Broccoli Bowl

sweet tofu broccoli bowl recipe by Anna, fertility nutritionist

Because sometimes we all need extra delicious, without too much effort, I bring you this Sweet Garlic Tofu and Broccoli Bowl. This recipe features farro, an heirloom wheat berry filled with satisfying fiber, but any whole grain like quinoa or brown rice works just as well. It’s easy to prepare and can be ready in under an hour. Enjoy this nourishing bowl to tame that hangry beast in your belly! We gotcha!

Broccoli Cheddar Egg Muffins

fertility recipes - broccoli cheddar egg muffins

Fuel your day with our Broccoli Cheddar Egg Muffins – a lifesaver for any lady in need of a protein-packed energy boost. Designed with busy mornings in mind, these mighty muffins are not only easy to make in large batches but also freeze beautifully for those days when time is of the essence. Embrace the convenience without compromising on nutrition!

Tropical Smoothie

tropical smoothie with pineapple

This vibrant blend combines the sweetness of frozen pineapple, banana, and mango with the nutritional punch of fresh mint. A refreshing taste of the tropics and a boost of nutrients in every wholesome glass.

Lemon-Dill Salmon Cakes (Gluten Free)

lemon dill salmon cakes recipe from Anna registered fertility dietitian

These salmon cakes are a dinner-time dream come true! Not only are they easy, quick, and healthy, but they’re also packed with naturally-occurring omega-3 fats, making them a superfood for fertility, pregnancy, and beyond. Loved by the whole family for their delicious flavor, they’re perfect for meal prep and freezer storage.

Watermelon Gazpacho

watermelon gazpacho recipe by Anna, registered fertility dietitian

Indulge in the vibrant flavors of summer with this refreshing Watermelon Gazpacho recipe! Packed with hydrating watermelon, crisp cucumbers, and zesty herbs, this easy-to-make dish is perfect for those hot summer days. Plus, it’s loaded with ingredients known to support fertility and overall health, making it a delicious addition to your fertility-friendly menu.

Kombucha Basil Mango Mocktail

kombucha basil mango mocktail recipe by Anna Fertility Nutrition

This refreshing and alcohol-free kombucha mocktail is perfect for expecting mothers and anyone looking to enjoy a delightful summer beverage. Crafted with care and featuring Brew Dr. Kombucha, this mocktail ensures that you can celebrate in style without compromising on taste or safety. Sip on this fizzy concoction and raise a toast to summer gatherings and special occasions!

Blueberry Lavender Chia Jam

blueberry lavender chia homemade jam recipe by Anna, Fertility Nutritionist

Enjoy the flavors of Oregon summer with this delightful blueberry lavender chia jam recipe. Quick to make and versatile to use, it’s the perfect way to preserve the bounty of summer berries. Enjoy it on your favorite snacks and meals.

Lavender Vanilla Nice Cream

lavender vanilla ice cream - Anna, Fertility Nutritionist

We’ve all craved a sweet treat without the guilt. Now, look no further than this easy nice cream recipe! Made from blended frozen bananas, it’s a simple dessert that is also packed with nourishment. Infused with calming lavender, it’s perfect for unwinding after a long day. Plus, it’s dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free, making it accessible to all. Grab a spoon, indulge in relaxation, and savor every bite of this delicious frozen dessert. You were made for this!

Homemade Bone Broth

homemade bone broth

Here’s a nourishing bone broth recipe tailored to your needs. This hearty soup is an ideal addition to your fertility wellness routine.

Matcha Energy Balls

matcha energy balls recipe - Anna registered fertility dietitian

My matcha kick continues with these SUPER SIMPLE no-bake Matcha Energy Balls. Just 5 ingredients and 5 minutes to make. Enjoy for an energizing snack mid-day or breakfast boost first thing in the morning.


recipe - gummy bears

Let’s put a fun twist to your wellness game with these Collagen Gummy Bears. Collagen packs a ton of benefits for fertility. This recipe is my Gummy Bear version of Lily Nichol’s original from her book, Real Food for Pregnancy. All credit goes to her on this one!

Spring Chopped Salad

spring chop salad recipe by Anna Fertility Nutrition

A fan-favorite recipe. Because spring is in the air! We always want more gorgeous watermelon radishes on our plate, right? You are going to fall in love with this bowl of bright, spring goodness. Make a huge batch and enjoy all week!

Blood Orange Salad

blood orange salad recipe by Anna, fertility dietitian

Citrus season is in full swing and I am loving it! I can’t help but obsess over blood oranges and their beautiful color. The deep red makes them perfect for serving with your Valentine’s Day meal. This salad is simple and serves two. Make it a nourishing date night in with your loved one.

One Pan Garlic-Herb Salmon and Vegetables

One sheet pan dinners are my best friend. This quick and easy dinner is packed with flavor and simplicity—a perfect choice for prenatal nutrition, postpartum recovery, and those trying to conceive. Roasted veggies, salmon, and superfoods – the ultimate healthy dinner.

Easy & ‘Creamy’ Clam Chowder Made Healthy (Gluten & Dairy Free)

Satisfy your taste buds and support your fertility journey with this gluten and dairy-free clam chowder that’s rich in nutrients. Oysters and clams are a powerhouse of iron, zinc, and omega-3 fats. This recipe delivers flavor without the heavy cream, making it an ideal meal to prepare in bulk for busy days or for the arrival of a new baby. Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know how it worked out for you. Bon appétit!

PCOS Diet For Fertility

fertility blog - energizing snacks for fertility

The good news is that you CAN manage your PCOS and get pregnant, naturally! The focus of this blog is the best PCOS diet for fertility – what foods help with PCOS fertility, what foods to avoid if you have PCOS, and how to find the best PCOS fertility diet and exercise plan for you.

Is folate or folic acid better for fertility and pregnancy? Clearing the controversy.

fertility blog - folate or folic acid for pregnancy

If you’ve spent any time looking into prenatal supplements, you’ve run into the folate vs folic acid controversy.  No one is debating the importance of this nutrient for fertility and preventing neural tube defects (a birth defect in baby’s spinal cord). Folate deficiency in women preconception, increases the risk of having a baby with a neural tube defect by 50-70%.

Rachael’s Story

rachel's success story - fertility nutrition with anna

Before coming to Anna, I was a year or two off birth control and struggling with irregular/no periods, new adult onset acne and even hair loss. I mostly came to Anna for help getting answers as to why all of this was happening, especially after being told by my primary doctor that all labs “looked good”. 

Taylor’s Story

taylor's success story - client testimonials -fertility nutrition with anna

I came to Anna wanting to get pregnant, but also trying to figure out if I had PCOS and what was happening with my hormones, and am so glad I did! I was so overwhelmed by all the conflicting info and frustrated by the lack of support from my OB.

10 Fertility Superfoods to Eat When Trying to Conceive

fertility blog - folate or folic acid for pregnancy

Are you trying to get pregnant and wondering what fertility superfoods you should be eating? Everyone (and their mother) has advice, and most of it, frustratingly, is conflicting. But when it comes to following a healthy fertility diet, you don’t have to subscribe to any extreme diets like vegan, paleo, won’t-eat-anything-with-more-than-three-ingredientser, etc. Simply incorporate some fertility superfoods in your diet!

Healthy Fertility Diet 101: Foods That Improve Fertility

fertility blog - energizing snacks for fertility

When it comes to nutrition, everyone and their mother has an opinion about what you should eat. Fertility is no exception. I’m sure you’ve heard it all, from vegan plant-based, to eating all the meat because that’s what our paleo ancestors did. There are so many ideas about what makes for a healthy fertility diet.

Improve Egg Quality in 30 Days Naturally

fertility blog - energizing snacks for fertility

PSA: Getting older is not the end all be all for your fertility. If you improve your egg quality as you age, you can preserve much of your fertility to still be able to get pregnant quickly and easily. And thankfully, it is possible to improve egg quality in 30 days – naturally!

Unexplained Infertility Explained: Causes, Treatments & More

fertility blog - energizing snacks for fertility

Are you ready to make a baby, but don’t understand why it’s taking so long? Do you want an explanation for your “unexplained” infertility? Do you have PCOS or endometriosis and want to know what it will really take for you to defy the odds and have a healthy pregnancy? When you’re dealing with unexplained infertility, it can feel like there are so many questions without any answers.

Energizing Snacks for Fertility

fertility blog - energizing snacks for fertility

Do you get in a snack-rut? Do you get bored of eating the same things, or do you go too long between meals because either nothing sounds good or because you simply forget to eat? Are you getting worn down – physically and/or emotionally? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to explore some energizing snacks for fertility.

Estrogen Dominance and Fertility: Symptoms & Diet

fertility blog - are you eating enough to get pregnant?

Have you been told you have symptoms of estrogen dominance or too much estrogen? If you’re struggling with estrogen dominance and fertility challenges, then you probably have a lot of questions.You might be wondering if heavy periods, cramping, difficulty getting pregnant, and/or weight that just won’t shed could be explained by a hormone imbalance? You might also be wondering how these symptoms might also signal an issue with fertility.

Can I Drink While Trying to Get Pregnant? Here’s The Truth

fertility blog - are you eating enough to get pregnant?

Is drinking really that bad for fertility, or can I drink while trying to get pregnant? If you’re asking yourself this question, you’re definitely not alone. I love wine. I love the yummy taste and the instant relaxation. I love the bubbly energy of sharing wine with girlfriends. But, of course, I know it’s not always the healthiest choice… 🙊

Am I eating enough to get pregnant?

fertility blog - are you eating enough to get pregnant?

If you want to boost your fertility so you can get pregnant more quickly and easily, the first step is to make sure you’re eating enough. At this point, you’re probably wondering, “how many calories should I eat when trying to conceive?”

Sarah’s Story

sarah's success story - client testimonials - fertility nutrition with anna

I was in a terrible headspace when I reached out to Anna. I had just had a loss and felt so out of control waiting for an appointment with a new Fertility Specialist. It had taken me a year and a half to get pregnant, so to have that pregnancy end in a loss was absolutely devastating. 

Colleen’s Story

colleens success story - client testimonials - fertility nutrition with anna

Hi Anna,
It’s been amazing working with you as well! I will continue to sing your praises to anyone who cares to listen, and also fill out that feedback form for you 🙂

Chocolate for fertility: Too good to be true?

fertility blog - are you eating enough to get pregnant?

Do you hate the pressure around sex ever since you started trying to get pregnant? I thought that was one of the worst parts of the whole ordeal – making it a scheduled requirement steals all the fun out of it. I bring this up because Valentine’s Day is around the corner – another date for “obligatory” romance. If you ask me, chocolate is the best thing about this Hallmark holiday. Turns out, chocolate on V-Day may be good for your fertility too – NOT too good to be true! Stick with me here…

The Mediterranean Diet for Fertility – How to Eat to Get Pregnant 101

fertility blog - are you eating enough to get pregnant?

When it comes to nutrition, everyone and their mother has an opinion about what you should eat. Fertility is no exception. I’m sure you’ve heard everything under the sun from go vegan, to eat all the meat because that’s what our paleolithic ancestors did.  But, does what you eat really make that much of a difference to improve ovulation and egg quality, and ultimately to get pregnant?

Megan’s Story

megan's success story - testimonials - fertility nutrition with anna

Greetings from 22 weeks pregnant! I wanted to thank you again for all the prep work we did to get me pregnant. Before working with you, I thought that I was doing everything – acupuncture, so much testing, cut out alcohol, etc. but I still wasn’t getting pregnant. My dr wanted me to do IVF, but I was determined to get answers and find a solution to why I wasn’t getting pregnant.

Maya’s Story

client testimonials- maya's success story- fertility nutrition with anna

I was really struggling with my food choices and was conflicted on how I should be eating because I didn’t feel great and it felt restricting and stressful. I sought your help to make sure I was eating enough and the right balance. I also wanted to better understand if I had PCOS and if so how diet could help this.

Is Sugar Bad for Your Fertility?

fertility blog - are you eating enough to get pregnant?

Anyone else tempted by the scary treats lurking all around? 🙋🏻‍♀️ 🍬🎃 👻⁠ If you’re sweating the looming sugar temptations that come with Halloween, sweat no more. Here’s the deal – sugar is not “toxic” – for your physique or your fertility. ⁠

How to Choose the Best Prenatal for Fertility

fertility blog - are you eating enough to get pregnant?

You have your heart set on making a baby. You understand that it takes a healthy mom to make a healthy baby, so you’re ready to hone in your nutrition & lifestyle to help you get pregnant more quickly.

Sam’s Story

sam's success story - client testimonial - fertility nutrition with anna

I came to Anna struggling to get pregnant after an “unexplained infertility” diagnosis from a fertility clinic. I wanted to understand what was going on with my body and if I could become pregnant without IUI or IVF.

What’s REALLY Causing Your Infertility

fertility blog - are you eating enough to get pregnant?

Are you ready to make a baby, but don’t understand why it’s taking so long? Do you want an explanation for your “unexplained” infertility? Do you have PCOS or endometriosis and want to know what it will really take for you to defy the odds and have a healthy pregnancy? There are answers to these questions! Most ovulatory infertility can be explained – if you dig deep enough.

Are you eating enough to get pregnant?

fertility blog - are you eating enough to get pregnant?

In today’s world, ‘healthy’ has become nearly synonymous with ‘eating less’. As a dietitian, when someone asks me “is (fill in the blank) healthy?”, what she really means is, “will that make me fat?” I’m flipping this paradigm on it’s head. Health and body weight are not synonymous!

Michelle’s Story

michelle success story - client testimonial - fertility nutrition with anna

I did Anna’s program after several failed IVF cycles. I knew I couldn’t go through that again unless I did something different – I needed to make sure I was doing everything possible to make it work.

Laura’s Story

laura's success story - client testimonials - fertility nutrition with anna

Learn more about Laura’s success story after working with Anna.

Caitlyn’s Story

caitlyn's success story - client testimonials - fertility nutrition with anna

I came to Anna before IVF and was so lost about what I should be doing to best prepare. I was nervous and stressed that I was eating the wrong things and didn’t know what I should be doing. I had almost no energy and was sleeping terribly.

Paola’s Story

client testimonials - paola's success story- fertility nutrition with anna

I came to Anna because I knew I needed to start treating my body better before I could have a baby. I had terrible cramps and headaches, I wasn’t exercising, I was skipping meals and I was always tired and anxious.