I’m Anna, and I’m here to help you conceive more quickly & easily!

Fertility Nutritionist was developed by Anna, a registered dietitian nutritionist, specializing in a functional approach to fertility. She helps women who are struggling with irregular cycles or missing periods rebalance their hormones so they can get pregnant more quickly and easily, and enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

She offers sustainable and holistic solutions using nutrition and lifestyle, that are customized to each woman’s unique physiology, to take the guesswork out of getting (and staying!) pregnant.

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My personal story

They told me that fertility treatments were my only option. But they were wrong.

I started TTC at age 34, feeling pretty healthy overall – I loved to run and ate gobs of kale- so I didn’t anticipate that when my IUD came out, my period would go with it. I knew enough to know that missing my period was not good.

Somehow, I eventually did get pregnant, only to lose the baby. I left my doctor’s office frustrated and confused that she didn’t care to investigate what was wrong. She said everything came back “normal”, so she’d be happy to refer me to a fertility clinic. End of story. But I wanted answers. I knew that my body was built to reproduce and if it wasn’t working, I needed to figure out why, so I could heal. Long story, short, I got myself from no period and a heartbreaking loss, to now, the mom of two rowdy healthy boys.

I’ve spent the last decade as a dietitian, integrating the best of evidence-based medicine with functional and holistic healing, to help countless women restore their cycles, balance their hormones, and get their baby. It’s your turn!

Knowledge is power, and I want to share mine with you

If your cycle has been thrown off by PCOS, HA, or you have no idea why your cycle is out of whack, I can help you to:

  • Restore regular cycles and get your hormones in balance
  • Achieve an optimal weight for a healthy pregnancy
  • Improve egg (and sperm!) quality for easier conception and less risk of loss
  • Feel reassured and confident that you are doing everything within your power to make your body a welcoming home for baby-to-be.

TTC can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to go it alone, and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel figuring it all out. I got you.

To get started, schedule a free Fertility Strategy Session.

fertility nutrition with anna - fertility specialist
fertility nutrition with anna - about anna - fertility specialist

My Professional Story

After earning my MS in Nutrition Science & Policy at Tufts University, I trained in clinical research and medical nutrition therapy at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center. I specialized in endocrine disorders, namely PCOS and obesity, as I supported clinical trials researching novel treatments. 

In 2012, I moved to Portland, Oregon to accept a position at OHSU, where I developed and managed prenatal wellness programs for the academic medical center. I saw the powerful impact lifestyle changes had on a woman’s fertility and pregnancy outcomes. I became obsessed with prenatal health and haven’t looked back.

I opened my private practice in 2015 and dove deep into women’s health, including advanced training in Women’s Integrative & Functional Medicine with Dr. Aviva Romm. 

The preconception period is a unique window of time when you have the most influence over the health and wellbeing for generations to come. This is where my life’s work is centered – on teaching women like you how to nourish yourself so you can grow the family of your dreams and have enough energy to enjoy the wild ride of motherhood.

My credentials

MS in Nutrition Science from Tufts University, 2012

Medical Nutrition Therapy at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, 2013

WellCoach Certified, ACSM 2014

Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management, CDR 2015

Certified in Women's Integrative and Functional Medicine, Aviva Romm, 2019

Brand Pillars

Credibility & knowledge: Anna has spent over a decade as a dietitian and undergone extensive training in conventional dietetics and clinical research at National Institutes of Health, as well as functional and integrative training in women’s health. She is a leader in the industry who can be trusted to provide evidence-based information and results-driven guidance.

Success & Results: Anna’s FERTILE IN FIVE program is rooted in science and has a 92% healthy baby proven success rate for women overcoming PCOS, HA, estrogen or progesterone imbalances or who are just coming off of birth control.

Care & Compassion: Anna’s personal struggles with sub-fertility, and passion for women’s health shine through her work. She genuinely cares, which is something that is sadly rare in the fertility world. 

Empowerment: Empowering women to take control of their health is at the center of Anna’s approach. She is a firm believer that knowledge is power, and that when women are educated about their bodies and hormones, only then can they achieve true health – for themselves and their growing families. 

Integrative & Holistic Approach: Anna’s programs are at the intersection of science, conventional medicine and holistic alternatives. Anna believes in getting to the root cause of infertility, with both a holistic and personalized approach, in order to heal from the inside out, so you can grow your beautiful family and enjoy a lifetime of vibrant health.

fertility nutrition with anna - about anna - family shot

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